The Rail-Hike-Camp map

A map aimed at hikers?

Well yeah, the Rail-Hike-Camp map was created specifically with hikers in mind. The idea is simple: a map showing camp sites within a day’s hike from a train station. Obviously, that allows hikers to greatly expand where they go adventuring, by using trains.

The benefit to cycle tourers

The Rail-Hike-Camp map has value to people who do cycle touring, too. At very least, it’s a very useful map of campsites in the UK, but it also is useful for taking your bike on the train, when cycle touring a different part of the UK.

Bikes on trains

If you are thinking of taking your bicycle on the train, do yourself a favour and first read my Bikes On Trains guide. It’s VERY comprehensive, and covers every rail provider in the UK, plus it offer some money-saving tips!

The Rail-Hike-Camp map

The map was created by Will Petty. You will need to zoom in before the train stations and camp sites will start showing up.

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