November Digital Detox Campout

Right, here’s your mission (and don’t give me any of that “I don’t accept it” nonsense): go camping in November!

I don’t care where you go camping, how you get there, or who you’re going with. However, there are rules attached!

A digital detox

Yup, that very much means no phone usage. Sure, you can take a camera, and record the ride or hike (if you rode or hiked to your camping spot) on your cycling computer, but you’re not allowed to use your phone. (It’s OK to take it along, for emergency purposes, provided you keep it switched off).

Obviously, that also means no tablets, or laptops, either, just in case you thought there was a loophole. But do take a book!

Camp anywhere

You can camp in your garden, if you have one, or out in some wilderness. I’d suggest you avoid camping in urban areas (unless on private land, like a garden) and if you can, try to get away from light pollution.

Arrive early if you like, or only set up camp after dark. Pack up and leave early, or stay late and have a leisurely morning. The choice is entirely yours to make, but go camping!

But it will be cold!

Yes, it will. Here’s the thing – your ancestors walked everywhere, and camped out in cold weather when travelling. They survived, with far more primitive kit than what is available to you. If it’s cold, dress in warmer clothes. November in the UK is far from bitterly cold, and when you use a fleece blanket as an inner, most 3-season sleeping bags will be fine to sleep in.

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Wear gloves, and fleece hat, and take a camping stove to make hot drinks, or if you like, prepare a hot meal. This post is packed with information on dealing with the cold.

Take pictures

Take a camera with, and take some photos. You will look back at those pics with a smile on your face, in years to come. Once you’re back home, share those pics on social media, using the hashtag, and tag your friends, asking why they didn’t go camping.

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