Dart Valley Cycleway

Dart Valley Cycleway cycle route overall rating: ⭐⭐

This 6.3 mile route is gorgeous, and will make a great day out, but is quite a mix. From the outset, you need to understand that the entire route isn’t traffic-free.

Surface on the Dart Valley Cycleway

Most of the route has a good tarred surface, but there are exceptions. From Dartington, to the edge of Totnes, the surface is self-compacting gravel. Alongside the river Dart, in Totnes, the tarred surface is old, and bumpy in places, due to tree roots.

Beyond Totnes, on the Shapham estate, the route changes from smooth tar to gravel again, right on the steepest section of the route. Between Shapham and Ashprington the route follows a normally very quiet lane, with a good tarred surface


You can get refreshments at various places, starting with several options in Dartington. There are many more options available in Totnes, and finally, at the Durant Arms pub, in Ashprington.


There’s a lofty claim that the part of the route between Dartington and Totness is an “Access for All” route, and is supposedly wheelchair-friendly.
On that part of the route you can use almost any type of bike, but most cargo bikes and trikes will struggle in places.
Between Totnes and Ashprington, cargo bikes and trikes will get stuck. For that section of the route, you will want a bike with chunky tyres, ideally with off-road tyres.


You can use toilets at Dartington, and Totnes (the route skirts the entrance to Morrison’s), with toilets also available at the pub at the end.

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Safety: ⭐
Hilliness: ⭐
Refreshment stops: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Barriers: ⭐
Surface: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Overall: ⭐⭐

The grading system I use is explained here.

Points of Interest

Totnes is quite a destination itself, with many quaint and curious, independent shops. Dartington offers several shops – often selling artwork – plus the Meadowbrook Community Centre (part of the Dartington Recreation Association, who also have a bike track).
The route goes right past the Totnes station of the South Devon Railway, a heritage railway linking Totnes and Buckfastleigh. Just a tiny bit further from the heritage station is the Totnes Rare Breeds Farm.
Finally, the Sharpham Trust offers a great deal, including camping right on the banks of the Dart.

Traffic-free cycle routes in Devon


Quite early on there are chicane barriers on the route. At Dartington, there’s a narrow footbridge (you’re allowed to ride across it).
From Totnes to Ashprington, the route is littered with chicane barriers and gates.

Cycle Hire

Sadly, there is nowhere on, or near the route to hire bicycles.

Paying the rent

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Weather forecast for the 

What the route looks like

Path surface on the Dart Valley Cycleway
Cattle along the Dart Valley Cycleway
Dart Valley Cycleway IMG_0645
Dart Valley Cycleway IMG_0662
Dart Valley Cycleway IMG_0673
Dart Valley Cycleway IMG_0674
Dart Valley Cycleway IMG_0680
Dart Valley Cycleway IMG_0682
Dart Valley Cycleway IMG_0684
Dart Valley Cycleway IMG_0685
Dart Valley Cycleway IMG_0688
Dart Valley Cycleway IMG_0692
Dart Valley Cycleway IMG_0696
Dart Valley Cycleway IMG_0700
Dart Valley Cycleway IMG_0701
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Getting to the Dart Valley Cycleway

You can easily get to the route car-free, by taking your bike on the train. The route skirts the very edge of the Totness train station. As ever, read my Bikes On Trains guide for useful and helpful tips for taking your bike on the train.

Parking near the Dart Valley Cycleway

There’s no parking at the start of the route (as shown on the map below). However, you can park at Dartington, or various car parks in Totnes.

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Dart Valley Cycleway interactive map

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