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Some things just belong together: Sampson & Dellilah, Cleopatra & Anthony, bread & butter, and of course, cycling & coffee. Cycling and coffee are a match made in heaven, as the number of cycling cafés can attest.

In a perfect world, there will always be a great café, serving excellent coffee, right when you need it, but sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world.

Especially when wild-camping and cycle touring, you may want that last cup of coffee before retiring for the night, or a cup of the good stuff first thing in the morning, and that means you’ll have to brew it yourself.

Oh, there are plenty of options available, as I’ve posted about before, but my personal favourite is my Aeropress, as it makes really good coffee, is easy to use, and even easier to clean. Remember, when wild-camping, water is often in short supply, and while a mocha pot can also make a good cup of coffee, it’s far more finicky to clean, requiring much more water.

Recently, I was given an Aeropress Go to evaluate. No, I didn’t pay for it, and yes, I offered to do a kit review on it, but I made it clear to the company that – as always – my kit review would be brutally honest. 

The only real difference between an Aeropress, and an Aeropress Go, is that the Go is slightly smaller, as you can see in the pic further down, showing the two side by side. It also packs away into a neat cup, making it absolutely perfect for cycle touring, as overall, it takes up less space than its older and bigger sibling.
Though physically smaller, the Go is just as quick and easy to use, and to clean afterwards, as the full-sized Aeropress.

In any review, I try to be balanced, and come up with negative points, but with the Aeropress Go, I came up blank when trying to criticise it!

I completely understand not everyone enjoys a good cup of coffee as much as I do, and that some are more than happy to use instant coffee. That’s OK, and I’m neither judging, nor criticising them.

It may sound as if I’m being paid to sing the Aeropress Go’s praises – I’m genuinely not. Instead, I’m simply that impressed by, and happy with the product. What you will find is that I’m not alone in this – Aeropress owners all seem to only ever have positive things to say about the product, and with the Aeropress Go, they’ve taken something that was already good, and made it better. I use mine at home, when cycle touring, and on the occasional day I work in the office it goes with me. It’s just become my default way of making coffee.

I have absolutely no doubt that you would feel the same way I do about it, if you owned one (provided of course that you’re also a coffee lover).

I’ll leave you with a final photo, showing the size difference between the original Aeropress, and the Go, so you can see how compact the Go is.

5 thoughts on “Kit Review – Aeropress Go”

    • The only criticism I have of the Aeropress is that, no matter how hard you press, the pressure you create isn’t sufficient to create crema on your coffee. Still, the coffee it makes is really good, and while not quite an espresso, it comes close.

  1. I have been using an Aeropress for over a decade quite happily. Last year I saw an offer on the Go version and bought one. The coffee always seems weak, I have not used its in a while but the brewing time was short compared to the original version. I tried a longer brew but not quite convinced yet.

    • Oh, I’ve not found the coffee to be weak with mine. Have you tried leaving it in the Aeropress for longer, before plunging into a mug?

      • I originally did the 10 seconds as recommended but found that weak so did the regular two minutes and was still unconvinced. I have packed mine for tonight and will try again.
        I would say I don’t have a great palate, I can’t really tell the difference between coffee’s other than what I like or don’t.


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