Looking forward

We live in the Information Age, and most of us have instantly-available information at our fingertips, courtesy of the Internet. We also have more information available to us now than ever before, yet it seems we chose to primarily use the Internet to spread doom and gloom, with the occasional cute kitten video to lighten the mood every so often.

Brexit, COVID, gas-crisis, fuel-shortages, wars, corruption, famine and climate change – it’s enough to make anyone despondent! It’s enough to make you want to go hide away in a dark corner, curled up into a ball, and never want to come out again.
Here is one of life’s great secrets: control what’s within your ability to control, and let the rest slide.

I cannot do diddly-squat about Brexit, trade agreements, fuel shortages, food shortages, or wars. While I remain concerned about all of those, they’re not my primary focus, and I won’t focus all my time and attention on things I can do practically nothing about.

I try to do my bit to combat climate change, and that includes having greatly reduced my meat consumption, driving less, making informed purchasing decisions, remaining flight-free and crucially, trying to get at least two other people to do the same.

The principle is much like the R-number for COVID: if the R-number is higher than 1, COVID is spreading, and if smaller than 1, it’s shrinking.

I like to think there’s a C-number (C for Climate, obvs) and for me to have an impact, I need to ensure that my personal C-number remains above 1, ideally 2. That would mean I am helping to spread awareness of, and action against climate change, and if each of those people aim to do the same for at least 2 people in their lives, together we can help turn this around.

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Despite the absolute avalanche of continuous doom and gloom being thrown at us – well, happy stories don’t sell well – I’m optimistic about the future.

I have plans for some great bike rides, and while I accept that it’ll be some time before I get around to riding some of them, just planning them is already putting a smile on my face. I have plans for this blog, and the WillCycle brand that I’m quite excited about, but cannot yet share with you.

I’m looking forward, and while I’m not blind to the challenges ahead, nor the injustices of the world, I’m optimistic for the future.

Life is good.

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    • A bike ride would be agreat idea. I’ll be riding from Camelford to Seaton on the Friday after the summer solstice. The ride on the solstice and the three days to get home will be in aid of the Mind Charity.


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