Cycloffee – city edition

Cycloffee  is  like  a  treasure  hunt,  but  with  coffee  shops

For full details of the original (and national) Cyclofee game, please read this post first. Not everyone will want, or be able to participate in a game that’s deliberately spread across the whole UK, and from the outset I figured there’d be room for city-based versions of the game. I’d like to start that off with the two largest population centres of the UK: London and Birmingham. Cycloffee London and Cycloffee Birmingham will work in exactly the same manner: you have to cycle to participating coffee shops and get your Caffeine Card stamped.

Cyclists will benefit, as there’s a challenge to complete, which should force you to explore new routes, and areas you may be unfamiliar with, while discovering great new cycling-friendly coffee shops, with discount on your first coffee at each participating coffee shop.

Coffee shops will benefit from additional, often out-of-area custom, while becoming, or strengthening their identity as a destination. Clearly, everyone are winners here!

Here’s the catch: I need nominations for great coffee shops, roughly within the Greater London area, and roughly within the Greater Birmingham area. The rules are simple: these must be independent shops – no large chains allowed – and they must be visibly cycling-friendly. The original Cycloffee post explains it more detail. Please add your nominations for coffee shops as comments, telling me what makes that café particularly good, and please ask everyone you know to also add their suggestions? We need 36 coffee shops for each city edition, and we’re a long way off from that, so please can you help?

4 thoughts on “Cycloffee – city edition”

  1. Unfortunately not sure if G!ro café falls in Greater London, as far as im concerned, best coffee & cycling café.
    LMNH is also an obvious choice… But also, there’s a place near Regents Park called One Shot Café, they let you in with your bike so no need for locks. Coffee is ok, perhaps a tad too expensive, but pastries are lovely & they cater for vegans too.

  2. There’s @laciclistaUK in Sheen, plenty of inside bike storage, a glove warmer and lovely coffee!


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