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Life is hard for tabloid journos, so I created a helpful Tabloid Article Writer to help them out, giving them some free time to spend at Lockdown Christmas parties at 10 Downing Street. Refresh the page for variations of the article.

As a driver, you are [random_content group_id=”70″] by the [random_content group_id=”71″] condition of the roads in [random_content group_id=”72″] Britain, and no wonder – a simple glance around you will quickly reveal [random_content group_id=”71″] roads all around (that these scroungers don’t pay for) while the [random_content group_id=”73″] government is bending over backwards to [random_content group_id=”75″] these cyclists.
The [random_content group_id=”77″] [random_content group_id=”78″] don’t even pay road tax, and worse, have the [random_content group_id=”79″] to overtake you in your [random_content group_id=”80″] leaving you stuck in the traffic they created.
We call on [random_content group_id=”81″] to immediately impose mandatory [random_content group_id=”82″] on all [random_content group_id=”74″] cyclists, with [random_content group_id=”83″] as punishment for any [random_content group_id=”72″] [random_content group_id=”77″] cyclists who are caught flouting the law.

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