….well, at least for this blog.

Been thinking about starting a blog for some time, and actually started one for a charity cycle ride I was organising. Still, I needed a blog for me, hence this one.

What is it about, you ask?

Why should it be about anything at all, is the answer. But truthfully, it will be bicycle focused, and represent my opinions. My name is Will and I like to cycle, so the blog’s name came easy!

There are many reasons for this, starting with the fact that I love cycling. No, I’m not one of those spandex-clad road warriors, nor am I one of those armoured kamikaze pilots you find on downhill off-road tracks. In fact, one of their pedals quite possibly costs more than my entire bike!

I’m just a bog-standard cyclist with a cheapie “mountain” bike. But I love my bike! I’m more than Tour de France and I’m quite proud of that!

In my hometown of Plymouth there are two cycling clubs. Despite protestations to the opposite, my perception of both is that they are elitist, catering for seriously competitive cyclists that spend thousands on their kit. There is no space for people like me in such a setup, plus I get a tad annoyed when “elite” cyclists look down their noses at me – it’s far too much like “my daddy’s bigger than your daddy” in a primary-school playground.

So that leaves me out in the cold, cycling club-wise. The sad part is I believe there are LOADS of people in the same boat as me.

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