Cycling tattoos

Get  inked! Tattoos are a highly personal, and sometimes emotive subject. Some abhor them, some love them. I’m in the latter group, but of course it’s OK for you to not like tattoos. However, we all like cycling, don’t we? And what better way to celebrate cycling than with a collection of cycling-related tattoos? Cycling  […]

T-shirts and more

After a close-shave with a printing company that seems to be a horrific, and entirely untrustworthy bunch – see my post about Teezily and whatever you do, never do business with them – I have switched back to my old T-shirt printers. Yes, the prices are higher, and don’t include postage, but that seems fair, given […]

Damned Teezily!!

I am genuinely sorry, but I’ve had to pull the plug on the new T-shirt printer I recently moved to. They’re called Teezily, and I am now of the opinion that they are scam artists. It started with one order inexplicably having been cancelled, and when I questioned them, their exact reply was “Unfortunately our […]

Idle ramblings

I have a very busy mind – it’s chaotic at times – and I’ve long known that cycling calms my mind, especially longer bike rides. It is for this reason I prefer to cycle outside – I ride for the pure enjoyment of it first, then for transport or leisure, and lastly for training. There’s […]


I’m highly sceptical about the entire “influencer” cottage industry. If you claim to be an “influencer”, what I’m hearing is that your opinion is for sale, and at that point, I’ve lost all respect for you, and you’ve lost all credibility in my mind. I’m most certainly NOT an “influencer”!  What you will get from me […]

Is justice blind?

The vast majority of cyclists in the UK will tell you that the courts are exceedingly lenient towards drivers who endanger, or even injure or kill cyclists. Even when convicted, drivers regularly plead “exceptional hardship” and are therefore permitted to keep driving. At this stage, it’s easy to get angry at the Crown Prosecution Service […]

This is outrageous!!

You’re being played for a fool, and that’s simply unacceptable! You have rights, you treat people right and you expect the same in return, and now they’re doing this!!? No, this is simply indefensible, and yet, they keep doing it, and they keep getting away with it! At what point will it end? Having said […]


There’s a basic principle that states we are all free to make our own choices, but we are not free from the consequences of the choices we had made. Sometimes, the consequences are immediate: you’re in a crowded pub, walk up to the biggest, meanest, toughest guy there, and you slap him. Yes, you are […]

The Primrose Trail

In the late 1960s, the UK engaged in a staggering act of self-harm, during a process that became known as the Beeching Cuts. Under the scheme, spearheaded by Dr Beeching, the UK’s very wide rail network was decimated, while roads building was massively ramped up. As has been repeatedly demonstrated, induced demand is a real […]

Will’s Caveat

You’ve heard of Sod’s Law, Murphy’s Law, and Occam’s Razor, plus a myriad other laws, suppositions and more. Well, today, I’m adding to it. Allow me to introduce to you Will’s Caveat. At this point, I’ll briefly deviate, to say that I like hills. So much so, that I have a life philosophy, which started […]

Cream Tea Wars

This post will undoubtedly upset some people, but it’s important that the truth is made known. I would also urge you to read the full post, including the small print at the end. For those unfortunate souls who might not know this, a cream tea is a light refreshment, consisting of a scone, with clotted […]

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