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After a close-shave with a printing company that seems to be a horrific, and entirely untrustworthy bunch – see my post about Teezily and whatever you do, never do business with them – I have switched back to my old T-shirt printers. Yes, the prices are higher, and don’t include postage, but that seems fair, given that you’ll receive a quality product that will last more than 2 washes, and that you’ll actually receive it.

I have uploaded a bunch of new designs, too, so do go have a browse, by either clicking this link, or the T-shirts link above. I’ve also used a plugin from my T-shirt printers, to embed that site within mine, so it’s easier for you to find what you’re looking for. If you are in the marker for a T-shirt, hoodie, or more, please go have a look at the designs, and if you’re not, please can I ask you to tell others about it, and post some links in a few places? I genuinely appreciate it.

It looks like I’m out of pocket by a considerable amount, but I refunded ALL my customers in full as soon as I realised something was amiss, so none of them will be out of pocket, which I’m very proud of. Hopefully, I can now draw a line under this sorry saga, and move on.

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