Damned Teezily!!

I am genuinely sorry, but I’ve had to pull the plug on the new T-shirt printer I recently moved to. They’re called Teezily, and I am now of the opinion that they are scam artists.

It started with one order inexplicably having been cancelled, and when I questioned them, their exact reply was “Unfortunately our printer just informed us that the design of the product has a default.” That set alarm bells ringing, as that particular design has been the most popular with the previous printers I used. In other words, there simply is nothing wrong with the design. More worryingly, I thought Teezily were the printers!

They agreed to refund the order, and the money was refunded to what they call a “Wallet”. If more orders were made, they’d first be paid from funds in the Wallet, before taking money from my PayPal. That sounds hunky-dory, until you realise that I have no means whatsoever of getting money from the Wallet back to my PayPal. I chased up Teezily support, via various support tickets, and they simply closed most of those down. One ticket that is still open has been ignored for over two days, despite my increasingly frantic requests for answers.

I have message the CEO, Charles Dilasser, as well as a number of other people at Teezily, via Facebook, but none of them have responded.

To every single one of you who recently purchased a T-shirt through my new shop, I have given you each a full refund. This was MY failing, and none of you will be out of pocket as a result of this.

To say I’m pissed off is to put it lightly. I’ve let you all down, and I don’t like letting people down. Please accept my humble apologies?
I have cancelled all orders with Teezily, but I’m seriously out of pocket, having refunded everyone already, but not having received a penny back from Teezily. At this stage, I have no idea if I’ll ever get the funds back from them. I’ve taken all products that would have used them down, so nobody can order any more, and within the next few days will restore the ability to buy T-shirts again via my previous printers.

Teezily is an awful company, and I should have done more due diligence before jumping over to them. The deeper I dug into this mess, the more I discovered that pretty much everyone who ever dealt with them think as little of Teezily as I do. Late, damaged or simply missing orders seem normal, and apparently the print quality is poor, and often flakes off in the wash.

I’m switching back to my previous printers. They’re considerably more expensive, but the quality is good, and they’re honest.

Again, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and for you now not receiving the T-shirts you ordered, though at least you will already have received a full refund.

A final warning: NEVER deal with Teezily. You will only regret it if you did.

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