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April 2022 Cycling T-Shirt Giveaway - WillCycle
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April 2022 Cycling T-Shirt Giveaway

Win a FREE WillCycle Cycling T-shirt!

We all like a freebie, don’t we? Well, during 2022, I’m doing 12 freebies! That’s right – I’m doing ONE cycling T-shirt giveaway per month.

How to enter

Entering is simple, but requires a Twitter account. Just follow WillCycle on Twitter, browse through the T-shirt designs available and pick your favourite. Next, click the link below, then paste the link to your preferred T-shirt design into the tweet, tell me your preferred colour and size, then send it off.
If you wanted to, you can manually do a tweet, too. Just remember it must contain the #WillCycleApr22 hashtag, as well as a link to your chosen design.

Click this link to automagically create the tweet to enter. Remember, you must follow WillCycle on Twitter and paste the link to your preferred T-shirt in the tweet. To browse T-shirts available, simply click the T-shirts & More link near the top.


This competition is open to pretty much anyone. If you live outside the United Kingdom, and you’re lucky enough to win, you will 1st need to pay the £6.80 postage. If you live in the UK, you won’t have to pay anything at all.
If you’re the lucky winner, I’ll send you a DM on Twitter. I will also publicly announce the winner on here, and on Twitter. Finally, you agree to send me a photo of you wearing the T-shirt, which I will post on here and on Twitter. Should you so prefer, you can blur your face in that photo – not everyone wants their photo everywhere.

April’s winner will be announced a day or two after the month ended, and the winner will be picked at random from the list of people who entered. The winner must still be following WillCycle on Twitter at that time – just following, then unfollowing will invalidate your entry.

The decision will be final, and is not open for discussion. Also, the prize is the T-shirt, and it cannot be exchanged for cash, or anything else (sad that I have to say this though). You can send multiple tweets if you want, but you can enter only once per month, so everyone will have just 12 chances to enter during the year.

What if you don’t win?

There can be only one winner each month, but come on, my T-shirts are fantastic quality. The designs you cannot get anywhere else, and they sell for only £24 each, including tracked UK delivery! Many other T-shirts appear to sell for less. Once you factor in delivery, mine’s usually the cheapest. That means you you get great quality AND a great price. You have to admit that’s a bargain! I cannot compete with large retailers who have bulk-printing done, so if the-same-T-shirt-as-absolutely-everyone-else is your thing, then yes, you can get cheaper, but for printed-on-demand T-shirts, with highly unusual designs and funky colour options, mine are an absolute bargain, so go buy some now.

Congratulations to Mary, who’s the winner of the February Giveaway!

Picking the winner is a simple task. I search for the hashtag that’s a requirement for entry, make a list of everyone who entered, then feed that list to the Online Random Picker, which then picks the winner.

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