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Tattoos are a highly personal, and sometimes emotive subject. Some abhor them, some love them. I’m in the latter group, but of course it’s OK for you to not like tattoos. However, we all like cycling, don’t we? And what better way to celebrate cycling than with a collection of cycling-related tattoos?

Cycling  tattoos!

Here is a collection of cycling-related tattoos. Most of the tattoos are linked to the Twitter profile of the person who shared it with me. The tattoo shown above is mine, and the pic was taken immediately after the tattooist finished it. It’s a representation of my bike, but obviously with a fair share of artistic licence applied.


Velobetty has this tattoo, inspired by the great Pantani. As she put it, it essentially means the reward isn’t bling, but instead is the climb.Velobetty's cycling tattoo







Nigel Shoosmith

Nigel’s tattoo is simple, and he adds that he might need to include two more, showing the fold sequence of his Brompton, for when he gets old and forgetful.





Darlocyclesick sent me these two tattoos. The crosses are the logo of the 30DaysOfBiking initiative.







AbsoluteMTB’s tattoo doesn’t at first glance appear to be cycling-related, but it’s inspired by cycling in the mountains.





Kirstie Hill

Kirstie’s tattoo is obviously cycling-related.








Phil got this tattoo after returning to mountain biking, after a fractured neck and spine!




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Nate Petre

Nate simply went with the location of so many bicycle manufacturers.





Phil didn’t offer an explanation for his tattoo.







Tall One On A Bike

Tall One said that this tattoo is quite popular amongst BMXers, but this is their version.






Chocolate Chainring

Chocolate Chainring has this on their arm.







Michael Hall

Michael has  this  tattoo.





Mike Street

Mike said he wanted a cycling-related tattoo, without screaming cycling.







Tom Cross


Tom drew this design himself.






Ashley Talbot

Ashley loves their Fox shock so much that this (still unfinished) tattoo followed.








CycleLizzie has this great penny farthing tattoo.








Wendy sent me this tattoo of hers.








This is Beard_On_A_Bike’s tattoo.








An important message from CycliseTheCity!








This is just one of Dom’s many cycling-related tattoos.






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