I’ve left my job. Not spur-of-the-moment and not unexpectedly. Can you imagine the conversation: “Honey, I’m home”, “You’re early!”, “yeah, that’s because I quit my job”.
No, in this case it was a known thing that was creeping closer and closer.

Will I miss it? Sure, at least some aspects of the job. But there are MANY aspects that I’m infinitely happy to be rid off! Truth is I haven’t been happy there for ages now, and finally it was time to call it a day.

Of course there are people at my old job that I’d miss. I worked there for 7 years, which is a record for me, and I got to know many very nice people.

But do you know what bugs me?

My commute, that’s what! I was pushing ever closer to a sub fifteen minute commute home, and a sub twenty minute commute in, and now that’s gone! Poof! And just when I got so close: 15 mins 23 seconds coming home, and 20 mins 2 seconds going to work! Yes, I missed both targets by 23 seconds and 2 seconds respectively.

Having regularly worked 80-hour weeks over the past seven years, I’m taking a few weeks off, doing very little in the line of work.

Still, I’m maintaining my morning routine: up at 06h25, do my usual 200 press-ups and 300 sit-ups before having breakfast. At 07h00 I wake the rest of the family.
Of course, already there’s a change in my routine: I used to only have breakfast once I got to work, after a five mile commute, and now I’m having it without having done any cycling.

And since I’m missing out on my five mile each way commute, I’ve had to make the miles up another way. Currently that means going night cycling, which I’ve always enjoyed. I have a ten mile loop that includes the hill out of Plym Bridge, cycling on the road. Eventually I work my way back through Saltram House, which can be spectacularly creepy at night!

Change is good, though!

Change brings new opportunities, it cleans everything and forces one to look with fresh eyes at old problems.

This is truly feeling like I’m coming out of a very long, dark and difficult tunnel, to face the other, new and unknown side of the mountain.

I’m ready.

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