Gdynia Way

Gdynia Way is a main arterial route delivering traffic into Plymouth. Having said that, perhaps I should also point out that Plymouth seems to have been designed with gridlock in mind and typically it only takes one road to be obstructed (even partially) for the city to become gridlocked.

Anyway, as part of a major traffic overhaul, Gdynia Way has been closed for several months while they convert it from a two lane inbound to a tow lane inbound and one lane outbound road.

I went cycling on Gdynia Way during one of my regular night rides. At least in terms of width, the road has always had a decent bike line, but as it is a sunken road full of fast moving traffic, it has never been a pleasant experience to ride down. At night it was best avoided on a bicycle as boy racers of dubious levels of sobriety would come tearing past.

In view of the above, my ride down Gdynia Way was eerie. I parked the trusty steed in the middle of the road and took this picture:

The bridge you can vaguely make out in the background is on Elliott road and it needs to be replaced entirely.

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