I went for my usual night cycle ride last night, at around 22h00. I have this route that follows Embankment road out of Plymouth, before taking me on part of the Plym Valley cycle path.
At Plym Bridge I get on the road to Plympton, which includes quite a hill. From Plympton I head up Cot Hill before returning home via Saltram. It’s a nice route that includes some level bits, as well as a few decent hills.

Having cycled through Saltram, I come out on The Ride and last night the view was such that I just had to stop and take a photo:

The building directly beneath the moon is Prince Rock Primary School, and obviously the tide was in, making the Plym seem more like a lake than a river.
Since I started getting around by bicycle, I have had countless little moments like this. Moments that just take your breath away. I’m a very fortunate man.
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