I want one!

Cycled to an almost-local shop with my youngest daughter, who is 7, as she wanted her very own vase to keep a rose in. It’s only about 1,5 miles to the shop, and we were soon there. After having locked up our bikes, we saw this trike:

It is an electrically-assisted trike with a huge cargo area. The battery box seems to be removable for charging. It’s called an iZIP Tricruiser and I think it’s seriously cool.
I’m not very much into the entire ebike thing and I fully understand that there are environmental concerns about them. However, a trike like the one in the picture still means somebody a) that cannot ride a normal bike or cannot afford the risk of even a minor fall, and b) who isn’t physically capable of cycling for transport can still enjoy most of the joys of cycling. Plus, environmentally it still does massively less damage than a car.
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