Because I’m a geek…

I’m a geek, no escaping that fact. Even worse, I’m proud to be a geek.

It is for that reason that I work in IT, and the same reason explains my love of gadgets.

Like my phone – I use two phones, an HTC Athena, which has a massive 5″ screen and a hardware keyboard, while the other is an HTC Touch Diamond.
The Athena is too big to be an everyday phone, which is why I use the Touch Diamond.

I use the Athena to do remote support work and of ALL the phones I’ve considered it remains the best for that task. It allows me to fit a remote server’s screen onto my phone and work on it as if I’m sat in front of the server. While many phones can do that, without a hardware keyboard it becomes a problem, and most screens are simply too small.

I’ve been heavily reliant on my phone for my job for many years now, but I have never blogged from my phone.
Till now, that is. I figured there would be some advantage in it, so I installed a mobile blogging client.

This post is basically nothing more than a test of the new app.

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