On the other hand…

Having just completed a rather hopeful & optimistic post, my home town of Plymouth still has a LONG way to go:

This picture is of what the planners/road safety implementers have gone and done on Charles Cross roundabout. As the next pic (of the same spot) shows, there is a bus lane, which of course cyclists are allowed to use. Additionally, the pavement is a shared use path and cyclists are allowed to use that, too. 
Just after these railings, an on-road cycle path starts – you can see it in the pics.
Now our clever council first decided that they need railings to hem in cyclists leaving the bus lane to hop onto the pavement, as well as cyclists cycling on the pavement, before spitting them out on the road. The railing were obviously not bad enough for their taste, so they’ve gone and added the bull trap part inside the railings! 
If I get their thinking right, they expect me, as a cyclist, to leave the bus lane, contort myself through the bull trap, before stopping to give way for motorised traffic that would have been behind me had I stayed in the bus lane.
And these people get PAID to come up with stupidity on this scale? What is wrong with this world?

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