A custom-made map!

I’ve had a thing for maps since I was a boy, and I remember with great fondness my first compass and topographical map.
Although a lot of water has run into the sea since then, I still like maps, especially old maps.
Now as a self-confessed geek, I’ve been carrying navigational aids around with me for many years, in the form of GPS-enabled phones, though of course all my digital maps are accurate and up to date. Besides, staring at a map on a little screen isn’t quite the same as holding a paper map in your hands.

I’ve been following Tlatet’s blog for quite a while now. A fellow cyclist, it turns out we have even more in common: we’re both geeks and we both like maps. Except he’s WAY ahead of me!

He has been creating new maps, based on data from the OpenStreetMap.org, and made them resemble old Bartholomew maps.
I commented on his nice maps, and dropped a hint about one for Plymouth and surrounds, and the next thing he’s done it! Of course this is only a small part of the map – the whole thing is 27 MB in size – but it is enough to give you an idea.

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