How to evade the law…

A little while ago I wrote about a VW driver that pulled out on my youngest daughter and I when we went cycling with her on the tag-along behind my bike.

At the time I was wearing my helmet cam, so I videoed it, and of course I posted the video here.

I didn’t immediately report it to the police, but when I did I had a good and unexpectedly quick response.
And no, I’m not being mean to Devon and Cornwall Constabulary here. Instead, I’m simply realistic: being cut up by some moron driver isn’t exactly the most heinous of crimes, and so you wouldn’t expect the same response as a murder would deserve. Precisely because I knew how trivial the offence was in the greater scheme of things, I only reported it online, and I was content for the police to fit it in as and when they could.

In any event, I had a home visit from an officer, and she agreed with me that the VW driver certainly was in the wrong.
A little while ago, I had a phone call from the same officer, questioning the registration number of the car. When I confirmed that it was K585DHR, I was told that according to the DVL the registration number doesn’t exit, and that as a result they would be unable to progress this case.

So there you have it: simply fit false plates on your car, then you can drive like an idiot with total impunity! Not exactly very confidence-inspiring, now is it?

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