Devon C2C for Myeloma UK

On Saturday I’m travelling up to Ilfracombe to start cycling the Devon Coast to Coast route (NCN 27). I’m doing this as a charity fundraiser for Myeloma UK – they provide finance for research, and support for people living with myeloma, and a whole lot more.

Myeloma is quite a rare type of blood cancer, specifically a cancer of the plasma cells in the bone marrow. It is currently incurable, but treatments have improved over the years, so much so that over a third of people diagnosed with myeloma survive for more than five years.

Now to be brutally honest, I’m not exactly cycling around the world, or down the continent of Africa, nor even the length of Britain, and there are people who in a single day would cycle far greater distances than the 104 miles of the Devon Coast 2 Coast route.
Despite this, I’m at once nervous and excited by the prospect, although I am somewhat disappointed at not having reached my fundraising target. I would really appreciate it if you could sponsor me (even after the event!) – you can safely do so here:

As I’m writing this, I’ve managed to raise £255, but although this isn’t a massive amount, it still contributes towards helping to fund additional research that is so desperately needed.

My trip is entirely self supported, and I’m carrying everything I need (including a tent) on my bike. Originally I was planning on sleeping over at the Okehampton Youth Hostel, but I’ve since decided that I’m happy to carry my tent all the way, and that I’ll be camping instead!  As they say, if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space! 😉

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The weather is not looking promising at all. In fact, it seems I’ll be getting rather wet over both days. Obviously I would have preferred sunshine and blue skies, but I’ve promised myself that the ride is on regardless of weather.

I’ll post again after having completed the ride, and hopefully the rain should ease up enough from time to time for me to have a fair few photos to post.

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  1. Good Luck William, me and the kids think you are mad to do this, let alone in this horrible weather! We are thinking of you, be careful!!!! xxxxxxxxxx
    Mom and Dad texted to say GOOD LUCK!!! and thank you xx


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