The view from Gem Bridge

Thought ‘d post this photo as a teaser. It was taken from part of the deck that was being laid on top of the bridge and shows the 500-tonne crane dropping the main 35-tonne span in place.

And before you ask, no, I wasn’t fortunate enough to take this picture. It was sent to me by the project manager, for which I’m very grateful. Like you, I’ll be in a position to snap pics of the bridge, and of the views it will offer, once it opens early on in 2012.

Speaking about when it’d be open, no exact date has been announced yet, but seeing as they’ve started laying pre-fabricated sections of the deck it cannot be all that long!

If you want to see more pictures of the main span being dropped in place, together with more in-depth updates from the project manager, you’d need to visit the project page over the next week or so, when the updates should be live on their site.

Here’s the link:

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