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I was again supplied with an updated photo of Gem Bridge by a colleague and friend of mine. I’m quite grateful for that, as I haven’t had the chance to get out there for ages.

As you can plainly see, half the decking has been laid, and according to the man who sent me the picture, about a quarter of the railings appear to be in place. Given the apparent little progress that has been made since I last posted something, I believe it is unlikely that Gem Bridge will be open until February.
Remember, it isn’t just the bridge that needs to be completed. There is also the path from Horrabridge that needs to be re-surfaced.
I guess I’ll just have to be patient!
Update: In case you missed it, here’s a time-lapse video showing the very last truss section being dropped in place.

On a seperate note, I’m still in search of NCN 2 (around Plymouth, that is). I recently went walking along a stretch of cycle path on the edge of Plymouth, from Brixton to Sherford Road in Elburton, Plymouth. For company I had my eldest and youngest, as well as our little dog. 
Starting from Brixham, the path starts out smoothly tarred and quite wide. It is obvious a fair bit of money was spent, including on re-building the bridge over Fordbrook Lane. After a little while the path skirts the old station, before going under the bridge that carries the A379. For the next quarter of a mile or so the path is still very good, and then suddenly the smooth tar ends and you’re left with fairly rough surface. 
It is about at this point where you’ll find this:
Yes, it does actually say National Cycle Network 2 on the post. Back where we started there was another NCN 2 sign, as well as this one further along:
The path degenerates into a muddy muck the closer you get to Plymouth. (Why is this so often the case? It appears Plymouth City Council couldn’t care less about cyclists.) It was at this stage that I seriously regretted bringing our little fluffy dog along! He was covered in muck, but happy as Larry.
Update: Here’s a map, in case you wondered where this track is.

I don’t think NCN 2 actually runs along this way, but I do believe there were plans to have it run along here. Some of those plans include a cycle path linking Brixton and Yealmpton, which would run through the Kitley Estate. Although Michael Bastard offered the land for the path to run along the old railway line, along the estuary, he has since gone back on his word and it appears that path may now never be built.

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