Calling all gardeners

In this era of austerity, we can all do with a little freebie, so here’s one from me to you:

If you’re looking to buy some mulch, then don’t. Instead, simply go help yourself to the up to 5 cm (2 inches in old money) thick layer of squished mulch covering the Plym Valley cycle path (part of NCN 27!) between Coypool Park-and-Ride and Plym Bridge.

You see, Plymouth City Council doesn’t ever sweep the surfaces of cycle paths at all, and this section of NCN 27 is the absolute worst for mulch. At this moment I cannot say with any degree of certainty whether this is Plymouth CC’s way of supporting gardeners (though they haven’t marketed it at all!) or whether they simply couldn’t care less about cyclists.

Given all the other wonderful things Plymouth CC does for cycling in the city…. oh. Wait a second! Scratch the option that Plymouth CC is merely being nice to gardeners! First of all, they don’t seem to do nice and second of all, if they did do nice they absolutely won’t for cyclists.

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