Yet more Gem Bridge pics!

While I still haven’t had any real opportunity to go and see for myself what the state of play is at Gem Bridge, I was e-mailed a few photos by a friend from work.

As you can see, the abutments either side of the bridge are nearly done, although not surfaced yet. Also, there are some railings missing from the abutments.
The immediate section of path leading from Gem Bridge towards Horabridge has had quite a make-over, and is now far smoother than before.
A great deal of landscaping has been done around the bridge, including a new footpath that winds its way down to the valley floor.

As I’ve mentioned before, despite all the progress, there remains the significant task of resurfacing the path from  Gem Bridge to The Old Station in Horabridge and I cannot see that being done until at very least middle to end of May.

The path leading to Horabridge

The south abutment, showing the steps of the new foot path

New retaining walls

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