Dark Side Ride – short notice!

This Saturday, starting at around 20h15, we’re having another Dark Side Ride.
For those that don’t know, a Dark Side Ride is a bicycle ride in darkness. Previous rides all had a common theme: lashing down with rain and gale force winds. As a result, at my friend Simon’s insistence, I wasn’t allowed to pick the date, just in case I happen to pick another stormy night.Given that so far we’re looking at probably no rain during the ride, and only a gentle breeze forecast, it appears a wise move on Simon’s part. 
UPDATE: So far it looks like we’ll have a clear night! Woohoo!
We’ll set off from the bike stands at the entrance to the car park where the Co-op is in Yelverton, and we’ll follow Drake’s Trail all the way to Tavistock and back, over Gem Bridge and through Grenofen Tunnel. This is a decent route, suitable to almost any type of bike, but be aware that there is a bit of an uphill heading back from Horabridge into Yelverton.
This ride is also at a slightly more civilised time (Simon’s influence – being civilised isn’t something I often get accused of!) and not at or around midnight, as previous rides.
So with all these changes, what remains the same? 
Well, for starters, we’ll be riding in the dark, so decent lights are essential. Above all else, a Dark Side Ride is about experiencing what it is like to cycle in complete darkness, relying only on your own lights, and that still remains the case here. As ever, if you don’t have good lights, simply secure a decent torch with good batteries to your bike, but just ensure you have enough battery power to last at least 2 hours. Also, while riding, please switch off your bike’s tail light, so as not to blind those riding behind you.
Please do NOT bring your dog, however well trained as it simply wouldn’t be fair to expect others to look out for your dog while riding.
You may wish to bring a flask with a hot drink along, and perhaps even some snacks. I expect it’ll be a tad chilly, so you’ll probably want to bring something warm with, just in case.
Cycling in the dark can be a vastly different experience and I have been fortunate enough to have a herd of deer cross the path in front of me, and behind me at the same time. I slowed when I saw movement up ahead, and stopped when I saw the deer. My patience was rewarded by being surrounded by deer. I’m not promising you that this will happen on Saturday night, but unless you come along, you won’t know.
As ever, if you choose to come along, then you are doing so entirely at your own risk. Please don’t even dream of trying to sue me for anything that may or may not go wrong. Also, be warned of the risks: you may breathe in a gnat or two, you may ride into a stationery object, you may fall off your bike, you may get wet, you may get cold, you may get a sore bum/hands/nose/head/any other body part(s). 
But above all else, you might just have some fun!
There’s no need to RSVP, but it would be nice, civilised even if you could leave a comment to say whether or not you’ll be coming along

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