The good people at Tyre-Glider gave me two Tyre-Gliders, so I can do a review. I only need one, and will happily post the other to one of you, provided you will also do a review on it (to be published on here, along with my own). Incidentally, the pic of a Tyre-Glider is straight off their web site. What’s a Tyre-Glider? Basically, it’s a new type of patented tyre lever that claims to make removing a tyre, and getting it back on the rim, a complete doddle.

UPDATE: I’ve picked the person and will be sending them the Tyre Glider, so this giveaway is now closed. The recipient will be revealed in a future post containing their and my reviews of the Tyre Glider.

I have two bikes I will be testing it on – my road bike, and my go-anywhere bike. My road bike has Maddux rims, with 700c x 25 Michelin Power Endurance tyres, while my main bike has Alex rims, with 700c x 38 Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres. Marathon Plus tyres are notoriously difficult to get on and off a rim, but in my case, the Michelins on the Maddux rims are far, far more difficult. I won’t tell you anything more about my experience with the Tyre-Glider, until I picked the person who I’d send it to, and received their review back.

How will I pick that person? Simple: from the comments made on this post. Please do NOT post your address! Simply tell me in the comments why I should pick you, and why your review will be a good review. I need to qualify that: I am looking for an honest review, but a review that is good. A review that simply says “It works well”, or “It doesn’t work” is not a good review – we need to know what worked well, or didn’t work at all for you. The fact that I was given the two Tyre-Gliders for free won’t make a jot of difference to the final review, as I only ever do honest reviews.

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  1. As an “early adopter” myself, I will be interested in your thoughts and experiences with this.
    I think it’s a very useful tool, and after testing with a spare wheel and a couple of different tyres, it now has a permanent place in my on-road toolkit


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