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Eurovelo  routes

Eurovelo routes are a series of often amazing, long-distance cycle touring routes, criss-crossing the continent of Europe. Some of these you may already know (or at least have heard of) like the Danube Route, or the Rhine Route. Those two follow two big rivers in Europe. The Eurovelo network is brought to you by the European Cyclists Federation (ECF)


Most Eurovelo routes are reasonably well signed, but if you’re going to rely on just the signage, I expect you’ll often go off route on a number of these routes. Historically, that meant your better option was to buy a route guide for the relevant Eurovelo, which hopefully also allowed you to download a GPX digital version of the route. If not, you had to hop onto your favourite mapping tool (mine’s the superb RideWithGPS) then manually draw the route yourself.

Exciting  news!

Well, I have brilliant news! All the Eurovelo routes are now available in GPS format from the Eurovelo site! No more having to tediously plot it yourself – just grab and go. Having said that, obviously, a generic GPX is useful, but you’ll want to modify it to suit your needs, including your overnight stops (which may be off the route).  Also, remember that these are simply GPS files. Unlike my GoCycle route guides – such as the Somerset Circle – they contain no additional information at all.

How do you get the GPX files? Easy! Simply click this link to head on over to the Eurovelo site, then download what you need. All for free!

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All that remains is for you to decide which ones you’ll go cycling along.

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