Traffic-free Cycling Routes

Interactive  Map

This is a growing collection of traffic-free cycling routes in the UK. To find a route guide, simply click on the various coloured lines on the interactive map.

IMPORTANT: This is VERY far from complete, and your help would be wonderful. If there are any routes I’ve not yet listed, please simply add a comment using the Contact Me form further below, telling me the name of the trail, where it’s located, what the surface is like. I’d also like to know if there are the dreaded A-frame (or worse) barriers on the route, if toilets are available, and any points of interest along the way. In your comments, please consider if someone using a tricycle or a wheelchair would be able to use the route?

Some routes shown on the map below doesn’t (yet) have a published route guide, but if it’s on the map then it means I’m working on the route guide.

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