Bollox to AI!

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is big news these days, and it’s big business. The makers of one of the best-known AIs, Chat-GPT, claim they spent over US$ 40 million just training their AI. AI is being integrated into search engines, and more. Soon, it will permeate our lives.

Keeping it real

Various search-engine optimisation sites are already pivoting towards using AI, and people like me are inundated with emails saying that AI could write new content 10 times quicker.

I say bollox to AI! At WillCycle, I will never let software write the content you see. WillCycle is all about keeping things real: going on real adventures, posting real photos, of real places, taken by real people.

WillCycle is all about encouraging you to go offline, get on your bike and go for a bike ride. Bonus points if that includes camping overnight, or simply going on a Coffee Ride.

Embrace your humanity

We’re human beings. We make mistakes. We misjudge things, and end up having Type Two Fun, when we never intended for that to happen. There’s simply no way I will ever allow AI to take over content-creation for WillCycle.

I’m a real person, and a growing number of you met me in real life. My Travelling Ouballie rides are usually open invitation rides that you can choose to join. On such rides, we have a laugh, and visit real pubs.

WillCycle is human-made

I built this site up from scratch. ALL the mistakes on it are mine. The T-shirt designs are my own, and the posts are written by me, except some guest posts. Visitor numbers to WillCycle are growing, which simply tells me you all appreciate what I do on here, and that makes me glad.

Life’s too short to be fake

I’m a simple man. What you see is what you get. I speak my mind, and I refuse to compromise on my core values, which begin with this: all human beings are equal.

I have no time for fakery, and even the posts I make on Instagram don’t use any filters at all. Life isn’t all perfection. In fact, there’s much beauty to be found in imperfection, so embrace yours. We all are imperfect in our own way.

My camouflaged tent in some woodlands, just outside Kenmare

With the rapid advances the technology is making, soon we will all be seeing web sites with content mostly generated by AI. Sites that embrace that will, at least in some ways, have a serious competitive advantage. If nothing else, they will create content much faster than I ever will.

I hope you will appreciate that I’m prepared to stand my ground here. I’m prepared to lose search engine ranking, and web traffic, just to keep things real on WillCycle.

And I really hope that you’ll join me on a bike ride at some stage, that we can have some laughs, and make some new friends. All in a very real world, free of AI.

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