#NoMoreIn24 – a new challenge

There are no shortages of cycling challenges out there – both physical and virtual. They all tend to take the same format: cycle x distance in y time, or cycle x elevation in y time.

Of course, these are valid reasons for that: most cycling challenges are aimed at competitive cyclists, and by competitive cyclists I mean those that enter formal events, like sportives, etc.

A challenge for all cyclists

is a simple challenge: don’t buy any cycling-related product during ALL of 2024! Yes, that’s a big ask, so there are some rules:

  1. Defective, or broken bike parts (or broken beyond repair bicycles) are excluded
  2. Defective, irreparable items of clothing you rely on for cycling are excluded
  3. All other cycling-related items are included. That means NO other new items, no matter how shiny and desirable they may be!

Why though?

Actually, there are a great many reasons why. A far better question to ask is why not?

Think about it: you can still replace parts that are worn out, or that broke, and you can still buy new cycling clothes (but only to replace worn-out/defective items). As a result, you cannot claim that taking on this challenge might interfere with your cycling.

With excuses removed, let’s examine some of the benefits. The most obvious one is that you will save money! With a cost of living crisis in full swing, surely that’s a strong motivation?

If money doesn’t motivate you, consider the planet, or more specifically, your impact on the planet. No, don’t try and use cheap excuses now, saying “Yes, but what about them over in…”. YOU are responsible for YOUR actions. It really is as simple as that.

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Even if your own actions are simply a drop in the ocean, remember that the ocean is made of many millions of drops. If we each make a tiny change, those can add up to substantial changes. And wouldn’t you want to have a better future, free from the (worst) risks of climate change? That starts right here, right now, with you!

Invite others

If you and me are single drops, let’s get millions of others to join us, so we can create a tsunami of change. If you’re on X/Twitter, simply click here to challenge others to join in. On all social media, please use the hashtag, and encourage others to do the same?

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