Traffic-free Cycling Routes In Cumbria

Photo by Noonkemp
  • Reivers Route – UK Coast To Coast Routes
    164 miles – Workington to Tynemouth The Reivers Route gets it’s name from the gangs of marauders that used to roam the border between England and Scotland for several centuries. At 164 miles, it’s not a short route. More importantly, it passes through some of the most isolated and sparsely-populated parts of England. In simple … Read more
  • C2C – UK Coast to Coast Routes
    137 miles, Whitehaven to Sunderland C2C is the original coast to coast route, and is the UK’s most-popular long-distance cycle route. The name is actually not short for coast to coast, but rather sea to sea – it runs from the Irish Sea to the North Sea (or vice versa). Of all the coast to … Read more
  • Whitehaven to Workington & Camerton Railway Path
    Whitehaven to Workington & Camerton Railway Path cycle route overall rating: ⭐⭐⭐ Another routes built on a disused railway, the Whitehaven to Workington & Camerton Railway Path cycle route is 12 miles of scenic bliss. The route starts off on smooth tar, with spectacular sea views.Soon, the route will veer away from the sea. You … Read more
  • Whitehaven Rowrah Cycle Trail
    Whitehave Rowrah Cycle Trail Overall Rating: ⭐⭐ Built along the route of the Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont and Rowrah & Kelton Fell Railways, this 11 mile route is traffic-free along most of its length. I started the route as shown on the map below by the Whitehaven train station and it ends at the café … Read more