I’ve done it: changed my phone case, lights and bell from the black bike to the silver bike. From now on I’ll commute using the silver bike.

I took it out for my first ride on it this morning and I was struck first by how different it is to ride, then by how smooth the gears are. I’ll have to get used to a new and more upright riding style, as well as different gear ratios. Also, this one has road tyres on, so no longer the sing-song of knobblies on tar and of course it is rigid, without any suspension at all.

I wouldn’t say it is better to ride – but it IS very different!

I’m going to need time to adjust to this change. In a way it feels like I’m wearing somebody else’s hiking boots, when mine have been broken in and are like comfortable old friends. I hope you understand what I mean by that.

As for the black bike, well, it will rest for a while. I’ve ridden it for several years, doing thousands of miles on it and it is showing the effects! The cassette has practically had it, as has the chain and a few bits and bobs. The plan is to take my time and replace or repair everything not to my liking. When done it’ll be used for longer distances, consisting of off-road and roads. This bike is as strong as a tank (and possibly as heavy!!!!) and it’d be a shame just to let it rot.

I’ve still to replace the bottom bracket on the red bike, and all the gear & brake cables, while I’m at it. The plan is to fit a slim battery box to it, just big enough to take four 4800 mAh 12v batteries to power twin 20w halogen headlights. That setup should give me a maximum of 40w light for 3 hours, or 20w light for 6 hours

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As you can tell, the red bike is a toy, intended to play with in the dirt. I plan to have many a night cycling out on Dartmoor on this bike. This bike too has no suspension at all and is light as a feather.

New year, new (to me) bike. Woohoo! Full speed ahead and duck the ice-bergs!

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