Honors Flowers

I was cycling down Mutley Plain last Thursday, at around 17h30, merrily minding my own business while pacing the speed of the slowish traffic.
Approaching the junction where traffic can turn off to Ford Park road, I was in the left lane. The right lane was choked with traffic wanting to turn. Oh, and one VERY impatient florist driver!

All of a sudden, the van from Honors Flowers, which was caught in the stationary traffic, swings out into the left lane, forcing me to take drastic action to avoid ending up needing lots of their products decorating my grave. Trust me when I say it was extremely close!

I shouted at the driver, who did an excellent job of ignoring me (while looking at me!). Towards the end of Mutley Plain, near North Hill, the van got caught by traffic waiting for the lights to change, so I caught up with her and pulled alongside the passenger window. At first she again did her level best to ignore me, but after a while she wound down the passenger window a tad, to tell me that I have no reason to shout at her, and to flatly state that she had every right to cut me up as she had her indicator on!

I was impressed by my level of self-control, as I only called her a cow as I cycled off.

Yesterday I e-mailed the company, but apparently they didn’t feel it worth their while to bother responding. In my e-mail I specifically stated I did not want her to be prosecuted or anything, but I did want the company to consider it’s driving strategies, especially towards cyclists.

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Given that their silence is so deafening, can I suggest that if your in Plymouth, and after flowers, that you avoid giving them your business?

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