Honors Flowers, the sequal…

Cycling up Tothill avenue the other day I was pleasantly surprised by something.

For those not from Plymouth, starting off from Cattedown roundabout it is quite flat, but then there is a longish hill in the form of Tothill avenue, continuing onto Greenbank avenue. The road isn’t very wide at all, certainly not wide enough for cars to overtake a cyclist without partially going into the oncoming lane.

Despite this, some drivers feel they can still squeeze past whenever they feel like it, although I have to say most Plymouth drivers seem actually very tolerant.

Anyway, I was cycling (quite slowly) up Tothill avenue (there’s a clue in the name, you see) and I was approaching the intersection where the road becomes Greenbank avenue. For a while I was aware that there was a vehicle behind me, obviously being held up by me, but the vehicle was keeping a safe distance from me.

Very often I’d wave vehicles past when it would be safe for them to overtake me, as I don’t particularly want to delay anybody, regardless of by how little.

When there was a gap with no oncoming traffic, I expected the vehicle behind to overtake me, but it didn’t, so I waved the driver past.

I had quite a grin on my face when I recognised both the driver, as well as the vehicle: yes, it was the lady from Honors Flowers that badly cut me up a week or so before, and with whom I had an exchange of words.

I’ve e-mailed the company after that event, explaining what had happened and asking if they feel their driver behaved appropriately. I also added that I didn’t want the driver to get in trouble, but that I did want them to realise how easy it is to kill a human being.

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It seems like they may just have listened, even if they hadn’t replied to me, and hopefully they will help make the roads safer for all by driving more safely.

If they are big enough to change their driving style so much that they are apparently extra careful around cyclists then I’ll be big enough to forgive them!

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