Idiot driver

Yesterday afternoon, I went cycling. My youngest often goes cycling with me, and on longer trips it is common for me to hook up her tag-along behind my bike. Although yesterday’s trip wasn’t going to be a serious distance, it nevertheless involved some hills she struggles quite badly with, so that meant we picked the tag-along.

Cycling along South Milton street, a white VW came driving up Cattedown road. We had priority over that driver, but he simply pulled out as if we weren’t there at all!

Have a look:

Untitled from WilliamNB on Vimeo.

In case you couldn’t read it clearly, the registration number of the car is K585DHR. Obviously I will hand over footage to Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and hope they will actually take action against the driver.

On a slightly brighter note, I am please to say I didn’t even swear at him. In fact, all I did was to point out the obvious, which is to say he is a bloody idiot that needs to open his eyes.

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