Totnes is a small town in Devon, and I often get to visit it as an IT support customer has a branch there. Any town with as lively a “hippy” community is cool in my book, and I really wouldn’t mind living there!
This is from Wikipedia : “Totnes has a sizeable alternative community, and the town is known as a place where one can live a New Age lifestyle.[18][19] There are a number of facilities for artists, painters and musicians, and there is a twice-weekly market offering antiques, musical instruments, second-hand books, handmade clothing from across the world, and local organically produced products. In 2007, Time magazine declared Totnes the capital of new age chic. In 2008, Highlife, the British Airways magazine, declared it one of the world’s Top 10 Funky Towns.”

Anyway, Totnes also has what seems to be a higher than average number of cyclists, and I always take this (perceived) measure as an indication of how livable a town is.

On Friday I was in Totnes, and spotted this:

Look carefully, and you’ll see somebody not only added the child’s seat to the top tube, but also footrests to the downtube. Pretty cool!

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