You had me at velo…

Valentine’s Day. Ah, the sweet joys of unbridled romance. Life doesn’t get any better, does it?

Well, seeing as you asked, of course it does! You see, you cannot take the person that makes your heart flutter out for a romantic meal, in some little gem of a restaurant, because COVID’s ruined all those plans. You also cannot go to the movies, nor are most of the usual options available to you.


What if you loaded your bike with a camping chair or two, a large flask of your favourite warm drink, and some delicious picnic food? That way, you can both go on a cycling date, to some quiet spot (hopefully sheltered from the wind!) and stare deeply into each others eyes, as you use a mug of freshly-poured coffee or tea to keep your hands warm.

Provided you live together, you’ll be within COVID restrictions, yet able to have a Valentine’s date with a difference – a date you’re sure to remember for years to come.

It’ll do you both the world of good to get out, and it will be not only romantic, but also a mini adventure.

Go on! Love is in the air! Embrace your inner romantic and make the most of it!


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