Book review – Eat, Sleep, Cycle, by Anna Hughes

If you looked at an accurate world map, or better yet, a globe, you’ll say that the UK isn’t big at all. In fact, especially when compared to a continent like Africa, you could say the UK is tiny. And you’d be correct.

Until you decided to cycle the coastline of the UK. If you did that, you’d rapidly discover the UK is far from tiny, and cycling the coastline is a rather long way.

That’s what Anna Hughes did, and this book tells the story of her journey. Hughes worked for the active transport charity, Sustrans, prior to taking on this journey, and she did a call-out to Sustrans people all over the UK, asking for accommodation along the way.

This was quite a clever move, as it meant that, Hughes had access to a proper bed, and a real bathroom..

The plan was really simple: follow the Thames from London to the sea, turn left, and follow the coastline until she was back at the Thames. That’s a 4 000 miles ride, with an enormous amount of climbing along the way.

The book gives us an honest insight into the journey, both the high points, as well as the low points. It is as much a journey around the coast of Great Britain as a mental journey, with the human element being core to the story.

Equally, Hughes is clearly in love with the landscape through which she cycles, and shares that with you. This means that anyone who reads this book will get wanderlust, even if they aren’t cyclists. It’s the story of a great adventure, and is brilliantly told by Hughes. I have no doubt that you will enjoy reading this book.

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Please note: If you order directly from her web site, you can get a signed copy.

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