Spring in the air

Different people measure the start of spring in different ways, so I expect there will be a fair few who dispute that spring is here. Sure, storms Dudley and Eunice hammered the UK this past week, but that doesn’t alter the fact that spring has arrived early. Look around you: the obvious signs, like daffodils and snowdrops blooming everywhere, but also look out for the first primroses. Of course, flowers aren’t the only indicator – the hedgerows are coming back to life and if you look closely at the trees, you’ll probably see little growth buds forming. The days are visibly longer, and getting warmer too.

What does all of this have to do with cycling in general, and specifically cycle touring? Simple: the time for you to head off on adventures is just about upon us. Now’s the time to do an inventory of all your camping gear, and perhaps give your bike a good service. It’s also a good time to review your cycle touring packing list, to ensure you carry only what you need, and no more. It’s time to plan some serious adventures, for when the warmer weather arrives. Remember how miserable winter has made you feel, and how much you longed for warm weather? Well, warm weather is on the way, so best you get yourself ready!

What adventures will you go on this year? Will you go cycle tour foreign destinations, or will you explore the exquisite beauty of the UK? Regardless, remember that when cycle touring (and even when not!) you should always remain a tourist, and be awake to the wonder that’s around you.

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