Sub 24-hours Overnighter

What  is  a S24O?

Adventure is to be found where you look for it. In a hectic, modern life, it can be so easy to lose sight of that though. We are under constant pressure at work, and often at home, too. So how do you find time for adventure?

Sub  24-hours  Overnighter

A Sub 24-hours Overnighter, or S24O for short, is a quick getaway, lasting less than 24 hours in total. Though nobody knows who came up with the concept (it probably goes back into the depths of time) we certainly know who came up with the name. S24O is the brainchild of Rivendell Bicycle Works, in Walnut Creek, California. That means it was called an S24O by the owner, Grant Peterson. I only recently chanced upon the S24O description, and it instantly appealed to me.

Adventure  for  busy  lives

I know what it’s like: I have a full-time job, while trying to build WillCycle into something good. In my day-job, I’m often asked to work overtime – that’s the nature of working in IT. In addition I have family commitments. All of this means I have far less free time than what is ideal, and I expect it will be much the same for you. It also means I need to plan carefully, to be able to fit as many adventures as I can into my life. Adventure is good for you! Busy lives however, mean that big adventures are too far between for my liking, but that’s the reality I have to live with.


There is rightly a great emphasis on the sub-24 part. Literally, a S24O should take less than 24 hours, ideally far less than that. And ideally, it should start from your front door. Now the evenings stay light till far later, it means you can finish work, go home, spend time with your loved ones, hop on your (previously) loaded bike and go camping overnight. In the morning, get up extra early, pack up, and ride home. It’s even possible to cut a S24O down to as little as 8 hours, and most people should be able to manage to take 8 hours out.

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A  mid-week  adventure?

Have you considered a mid-week adventure? Alistair Humphries, who came up with the concept of a “micro-adventure” is a great advocate of this. Here’s what you do: load your bike up the day before, so it’s ready to go. Pick a camping spot and hour or two away from home. Once work is done, spend some time with your loved ones. Around two hours before sunset, hop on your bike and cycle to the camping spot. Pitch your tent or bivvy as the sun is setting. The next morning, get up early enough to cycle home, then go to work as normal.

Doing this will hit your reset button, and while you may be physically tired, mentally you will be refreshed. That smile on your face will tell you it was SO worth it!


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