The WillCycle Mass Campout

A  mass  campout?

Indeed! You are invited to participate in the WillCycle Mass Campout, on the 18th of June, 2022. Now we dealt with when it will happen, we’ll swiftly move on to where it will happen. Here’s where things get, well, interesting.

A  virtually  physical  event

Wait, or maybe a physically virtual event! This is getting confusing, so best I explain: You are invited to join is for the WillCycle Mass Campout, but where you go camping is up to you. It could be in your garden, it could be just down the road, it could be in a formal camp site, or it could be wild-camping. That choice is entirely yours to make. As for how you will join the rest of us in this event, well, that’s simple: we’ll have a video conference! No matter where you go camping, you won’t be alone, but will instead be part of a larger group. Yes, you’ll be able to show us your camping setup, ask for advice, or simply have a chat.

A  numbers  game

I have absolutely no idea how many people – if any – will participate in this. Because of the need to video-conference, my usual camping spot on Dartmoor is out of the question, because there’s no mobile signal. In my case, I’ll probably go camping near the sea, and hopefully manage to get an early-morning swim in. And yes, I might well be Billy No-mates, but that’s OK, as I’ll still have a great camping trip. On the other hand, there may well be a fair few of you. The video conferencing app I’ll be using allows for a maximum of 25 users, so that’s the upper limit.

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For the same reason people climb mountains, go for a long bike ride, or take up painting: JBYC! That’s short for Just Because You Can. Life’s not all about reasons. The purpose of life is to LIVE, and have some fun along the way. This will probably take you well outside your comfort zone, and as the saying goes, that’s where the magic happens.

Can  I  join  the  video  conference  even  if  I’m  not  camping?

Maybe. The limit for the video conferencing session is 25 people. If fewer than 25 of you go camping, you’d be welcome to join the video conference. However, if we have 25 people camping, the video sessions are for them.

But  I  don’t  want  to  be  on  video!

That’s OK, you don’t have to. Simply turn off your video feed, and just chat with us. You’d still be able to see those who keep their cameras on.

I’m  not  in  the  UK

That’s not an issue, though the time zone you’re in might be a problem. The event will start from 18h00, British Summer Time (UTC + 1 hour) on Saturday, 18th of June.

Great!  How  do  I join  in?

Simple: leave a comment on this post (it won’t be published). You’ll also need a device that you can use to participate in a Zoom call with.

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