Mass campout postponed

Best-laid plans, and all that

On Sunday, I had a gorgeous ride. Unfortunately, some 2 miles from home, things changed rapidly. While cycling downhill, along a very narrow rural lane, I crashed. From the state of my bike’s front wheel, it seems something must’ve gotten stuck in the spokes, breaking at least 10 spokes an causing the wheel to collapse. I must have hit the tar damn hard, as I was knocked out, and came to with four people standing around me, asking if I’m OK. My helmet took a battering and was effectively destroyed. Worse yet, though I didn’t realise it at the time, I broke my left clavicle into 3 separate parts.


My arm’s in a sling at present, and I may yet need plates screwed in place, but doctors first want to see if it’d heal by itself. That means no cycling for at least the next six weeks, meaning I have to postpone the mass campout to a future date.

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