Am I good enough?

The burning  question  everyone  asks

Just four simple words: Am I good enough? Such destructive four words, too. All your life you were taught and told to somehow “measure up”, to be better. Better than what, though?


Absolutely! People’s lives have been ruined because they were made to feel inadequate. And even if their lives weren’t ruined, so many people miss out on so much, purely because they doubt that they’re “good enough” to do something. Following from that, people often miss out on so much, because they think they will fail, or be less good at something than what others are. That fear of failure can be debilitating, and I wrote about it before.


There are nearly eight billion people on this planet. Most of those will never realise either you or me ever existed, and that’s OK. All of those people have their own worries to deal with, in their own lives. Most of those people are good and decent, regardless of sex, gender, race, belief system, language, origin, or any other classification that may set them apart. A small (though sadly vocal) minority are so damaged, and so deeply insecure, that the only way they ever get to feel slightly less bad about themselves is by breaking others down.

Avoid that last category of people, whenever possible. You know the type: they’re quick to crack jokes at overweight people doing exercise, instead of praising the effort put in. They’re quick to criticise someone’s singing, even while they can do no better.

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Cycle  touring

Some people will never go cycle touring, purely because they genuinely don’t like it, and that’s OK. Many people, however, will never go cycle touring, because they think they’re somehow not good enough. If you’re one of those people, I can assure you that the vast majority of people – most probably including you – certainly are more than good enough. All you lack is experience, and with experience comes confidence.
The quickest and easiest way to gain experience is to go cycle touring, ideally with someone who’s done it before, and who you trust. I have plenty of resources to help you prepare for your first bike tour, too. Oh, and remember, you don’t have to go on a monster-sized adventure!

Help  is  available

If you have any questions, just ask in the comments. If I can help you, I’d be delighted to do so. This is part of the reason for organising the WillCycle Mass Campout (which sadly I had to postpone till further notice, due to having broken my collarbone!)
Of course, there are my Travelling Ouballie rides too, which are pretty much open invitation rides. Keep checking back for when the next one is announced on here.

Just  do  it!

Ultimately, the only person holding you back and preventing you from going cycle touring is you. Break free! Follow the resources linked to above, and if you want to, just ask for advice.
Go cycle touring! You will love it, and your confidence as a human being will grow!


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