Wild Atlantic Way – Day 4

Just an update on my 4th day of cycling Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

Remember, if you haven’t been doing so, you can follow my (glacial) progress in real-time (provided I have a data signal!) by viewing the Where’s Will Now page. On that page there’s a map that shows where I am at that moment, and my progress during the day.
Just be warned that I stop sharing my location well before I pitch my tent for the night, as I don’t really want people to be able to see exactly where I’ll be fast asleep.

Best-laid plans…

Today I was meant to have been on the road early in the morning, but because the gear shifter on my bike packed up, I had to get the bike to a bike shop. And what a bike shop!

John took me to Clonakilty Bike Circus – a not-for-profit outfit. They were absolutely fantastic! They managed to get the cable unstuck from the shifter (though they really struggled!) and after quite some time had the shifter mostly working again.

When it became obvious that they couldn’t completely fix it, one of the guys went off to a different bikeshop. On his return, he told me that for just over €100 he could get a set of shifters, but suggested that I simply ride with reduced gears.

By the time my bike was ready, and after I took it for a test ride, John suggested that I stay over for one more night. That means the only cycling I did today was a test ride off less than 10 miles. From tomorrow onwards I will have to ramp up my daily mileage significantly.

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Today’s question is: Name the 4 provinces of Ireland, and two counties in each. Re. the Provinces, if you are a rugby fan you should have no difficulty!

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