Wild Atlantic Way – Day 6

Today’s update also carries more news from yesterday. After waking, and packing up, I took up the offer of coffee made by the two YouTubing couples.

Video killed the radio star

Now I’ve always known that obviously there needs to be direction of some sort when making a video, but I gained some first-hand insights into the process as they were making a video. It culminated in them asking me to hold the camera and video the four of them. Check yesterday’s post for links to their YouTube channels and go subscribe. They’re genuinely a nice bunch.


Today was also a late start and I actually only started cycling at 10am! I knew today would involve leaving the Mizen peninsula (it’s pronounced Mizzin, not My-zin) and crossing the Sheepshead peninsula.

Sheepshead included crossing a mountain, and in parts I just had to get off and push my bike. It was damn hard work getting to the top, but the views were incredible!


My words simply never can do the scenery justice and if you at all can, you simply must get yourself there! Honestly, you will fall as in love with Ireland as I have!

Not everything was moonshine and roses though: on a small, but fast descent, a bee hit me in the face, just below my right eye. And yes it stung me!

Horseflies seem to LOVE biting me, so I almost always carry antihistamine. Immediately after getting stung, I pulled over and took an antihistamine. Fortunately, it kicked in very soon, so my eye didn’t swell much at all.


To be in with a chance of winning John Devoy’s fantastic book, Quondam, you need to answer all the questions that I post on a daily basis.

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Today’s question is: 600 years older than the Pyramids, and a 1 000 years older than Stonehenge, name the massive prehistoric monument in the Boyne Valley, Co. Meath, where every year thousands of visitors come to witness the winter solstice?

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