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The meaning of life

This won’t be a a very deep post, and certainly not a spiritual one. Oh, and there’s a very valid reason why this post has a pic of Lemmy! (Pic of Lemmy is from Wikipedia, under Creative Commons licence) I believe the meaning of life is far simpler than what most people realise. As a […]

Santa Ride

“What’s a Santa Ride?” I hear you ask. Well, gather round, and listen carefully… T’was the night before Christmas… Well, no, it wasn’t. It was many months before Christmas when I realised that being stuck in hospital over Christmas is pretty rubbish, and even more so if you’re a kid. Now, while we can’t wave […]

A car diet

The  emotional  response  to  any  criticism  of  cars Recently, I caused a bit of a storm on social media. My crime? Simple – I asked why we do not have laws that limit the size (width and length), along with top speed and engine power of cars. Yes, I’m aware there are laws which specify […]


Dear Kids, I’m sorry. I have failed you. As a dad, my job is to try and make your lives as safe, secure, stable, happy and good as I can. I’ve tried to be a good role model (even if I can be a tad grumpy at times, and despite having worked WAY too long […]

Dear Driver…

Dear Driver, Today, as I was cycling the 12 miles to work (yes, some people prefer to commute by bike – get over it) you drove past me. You may have been any one of the string of large 4×4 vehicles* that were way too important to slow down even a fraction, until it was […]

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