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Near where I live the daffodils – harbingers of spring to many people – often start blooming in mid-December, so they are clearly not a (locally) reliable indicator of when spring has started. And talking of spring, there are several different ways to interpret the seasons, including spring, of course, but I tend to go […]

What do you want?

Think  carefully  about  what  you  really  want I get it – you’re busy. You go to work, perhaps have family commitments and more. There’s always something demanding your time and attention, right? I do have some questions for you though, beginning with just this: what exactly is it that you want from life? Do you want a […]

Just One Day Less

Literally,  just  a  single  day  less I’m not asking you to radically change your life, nor am I asking you to make supreme sacrifices. I’m not asking you to live in a cave (though actually, that could be quite cool!) What I am asking is for you to make a relatively small change. I’m asking for […]


Peace  on  earth  and  goodwill  to  all  mankind I make no secret of the fact that I’m not a big fan of Christmas. Sure, it’s great for younger kids, although you do need to question the sincerity of a religious festival that involves – by default – lying to children: “Why, of course Father Christmas […]

2021 in review

2020 was a bastard! There’s no way of pretending it was anything else – so how did 2021 measure up? Obviously, ’21 remained dominated by COVID, and as I’m writing this, upward of 146 000 people have died from COVID in the UK alone this year. Undoubtedly vaccine rollouts have massively reduced deaths, but as […]

Crash card

Nobody ever wants to crash, especially when that crash involves being hit by a driver. In fact, most of us don’t even want to think about that! What I’ve learned from painful personal experience is that shock will impact on your behaviour, and decisions after a crash. You are extremely likely to make poor decisions, and to […]


Cycloffee is a challenge that will benefit both cyclists, and coffee shops. As is commonly known, cycling and coffee is a match made in heaven!
The idea is to visit as many of the coffee shops as possible, and get your Caffeine Card stamped. Rules are simple: a visit to a coffee shop only counts if you cycled there, and obviously you can only get a single stamp per café.

Looking forward

We live in the Information Age, and most of us have instantly-available information at our fingertips, courtesy of the Internet. We also have more information available to us now than ever before, yet it seems we chose to primarily use the Internet to spread doom and gloom, with the occasional cute kitten video to lighten […]

Post-crash blues

Back in 2016, I was involved in a crash. Two weeks before the Dartmoor Classic sportive, I was probably fitter than at any other time in my life, and was comfortably confident of getting a gold medal. Cycling to work, as I did daily, I used to leave earlier, and take the longer route, treating […]

When reality hits

This past weekend, Dartmoor Search & Rescue was called out to evacuate a young girl, who was hypothermic, from the moor. While searching for her, quite by chance, they stumbled upon a cyclist lying on the ground. When they checked him out, they found no signs of life, and they recovered his body, stretchering him […]

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