Welcome To My Garden

An  alternative  to  camp  sites

I only recently became aware of Welcome To My Garden, and I already think it’s a superb site. So what is it? That’s easy to explain: much like Warmshowers offer overnight accommodation to cycle tourers, Welcome To My Garden offers a camping spot for the night in people’s gardens. In Belgium, there are thousands of hosts, and it’s spreading to other European countries, too. In the UK there are far fewer hosts, and that’s where you come into it!

Become  a  host!

Why don’t you sign up as a host? Signing up as a host (or as someone who wants to use hosts’ gardens to camp in) is free, and you’ll get to meet many like-minded people. You decide how many tents you’ll allow, and what facilities will be on offer. Welcome To My Garden is limited to what they call slow travellers and it explicitly excludes people who drive there. Tents are limited in size, so no multi-roomed monstrosities are allowed. You can suspend your listing at any point, and resume it again when you’re ready.

Celebrate  SLOW

I’ve written about the power of slow before, and Welcome To My Garden shares that view, which is why they cater exclusively to slow travellers, i.e. those walking, or cycling.

Become  a  member  today!

The benefits are obvious, and membership is free! With the UK turning trespass from a civil matter into a crime, you will have peace of mind of having permission to camp somewhere. As an added bonus, your host(s) are people who share your love of cycle touring, so you already have a lot in common. Go sign up for free membership today.

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